Who Said "I'm Very Good At Being A Flirty Bisexual Woman" At The Wicked+The Divine Thought Bubble Panel? Guess…

Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Jamie McKelvie, Kevin Wada and Dee Cunniffe took to the stage at Thought Bubble to talk about The Wicked + The Divine. You know, the comic. And, because this was a comic convention, the technology didn't work and the team resorted to placing an iPad over a projector and hoping.

Yeah, about that.


Anyway, the artists talked about the art of the cover, Stephanie Hans on how, when working on other people's characters, she emphasises a focus on composition over anything else. Kevin Wada didn't even remember drawing his, but he also talked about how he felt he had to work out the the rules in people's worlds.

You can also look at Stephanie drawing that cover right here.

Kieron especially loved Lucifer's eye in this piece.

Stephanie talked about not having set stages to a page when working on it, no separate pencils, inks, paints etc, it all happens at once. She described her process as "I'm just hammering things into a page, it's a very brutal process." And how Marvel often get worried about that when they see it in stages. "Wait until Monday to see it, or trust me." Kieron and Jamie trust her – and all their artists, they hurriedly said.


Kieron even talked about removing words from  one of Stephanie's splash pages as it did so much of the work, even as Kieron tried to write flowery romantic poetry. "Why say it's spooky, just show it."

img_5795We got the best look we could at the cover to The Wicked + The Divine #25, which will have a variant cover by Nicola Scott.

They talked about the recent "magazine" issue, created around Kevin Wada not doing sequential art, and illustrating photos of the cast members instead, with interviews with the characters created with real journalists. Jamie also added a strip at the back, drawn in the style he used to draw when doing such things, and Kieron played the role of a frustrated writer-turned-fashion magazine editor. They did plan to get readers to write letters as in-universe fans, but ran out of space.

Wada talked about how he treated each image as if he were a different photographer and stylist. And how he was inundated with fashion and music magazines from Jamie and Kieron to look for fashion and style trends and preserve an indie publishing look. "They were very hip magazines" he told us.

img_5799 Kieron is also a longstanding RPG player and dungeon master, and created the interviews as role playing game assignments for journalists using an instant messenger, with him, live, playing the gods they were interviewing. He found Morrigan's vocie the hardest to do live, as it was ornate and baroque. But it worked out okay.

He read out transcripts of the RPG instructions and live chat and talked about including them as an extra in the second hardcover, as the interviews sometimes went as long as two hours.


He saw Laurie Penny interviewing Ba'al as the next step after she interviewed Milo

And while there was some editing of the interviews for plot and spoiler issues, that was really all. Gillen was very proud of his Lucifer on the spot improv, telling us (and giving Bleeding Cool its headline) "I'm very good at being a flirty bisexual woman it seems".

Oh and next year? Some happy new year fireworks…


Yeah, well that weekend, I'd had quite enough of bonfire nights.

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