Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea's KS Pledge Levels Revealed

Steamforged Games, a game design company whose work includes various licensed games such as Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game and Godtear, has once again teamed up with Painting Polygons to bring Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea to the tables of fans of the 5e system of Dungeons & Dragons. The pledge levels for the Kickstarter for this role-playing game, still not live yet, were announced by Steamforged Games just today. Let's have a look!

Featured artwork for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, by Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons.
Featured artwork for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, by Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons.

According to the press release put out by Steamforged Games:

The pledge levels available will be:

Digital (PDF) Campaign Guide: £8 / $10

Hardback Campaign Guide: £28 / $35

Just the miniatures – including all playable characters – goat, baby goat, alpaca, otter, red panda, koala, albatross, fox, rabbit, orangutan and pig, 6 x new cats and 6 x new dogs, and the Kickstarter exclusive Baby Kraken: £45 / $55

Core Pledge -including all of the above – £63 / $75

While there will indeed be six dogs and six cats, for a period of time players will only be seeing five of each. This is because Russ Charles, co-creator of Animal Adventures, will be doing live-sculpting sessions and taking feedback from fans of the series in the process. Isn't that exciting?

Russ Charles also had this to say on the matter of the project:

"From the beginning, Animal Adventures has included adorable minis for players to build characters and campaigns around. Since then, we've expanded the world to include campaign settings like Gullet Cove and, soon, the Faraway Sea, which we're incredibly excited for people to experience.

When it came to The Faraway Sea, we looked at feedback we've had across the three campaigns to figure out how best to bring it to the community. It was clear plenty of people would be interested in a wider range of options for supporting Animal Adventures on Kickstarter.

"So, for this Kickstarter, as well as offering a neatly packaged core pledge, we've created the reward levels in a way that backers can pledge for exactly what they want."

This Kickstarter campaign will launch on July 20th of this year. Are you excited about a new Animal Adventures release? Does The Faraway Sea appeal to you, perhaps even more than Gullet Cove? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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