AudioClash: Battle Of The Bands Will Arrive On Steam In August

AudioClash and Big Boat Interactive will be bringing their free-to-play hit AudioClash: Battle Of The Bands over to Steam next month. Backed by Warner Music Group, the game takes band members from across time, space, and alternate realities to face off against each other in a music showdown, all through the power of The Living Tombstone. The PC version will be released to the public on August 12th, but before that, you can see how it will play out with a pair of trailers below.

AudioClash: Battle Of The Bands Will Arrive On Steam In August
Credit: Big Boat Interactive

In AudioClash: Battle of the Bands, create your dream band and outperform the competition to earn experience and unlock rewards. AudioClash features 4-player support where your strategic choice of abilities and stage placement affect your defensive and offensive outcomes. With a large roster of band managers and band members from across time, space and alternate realities; as well as plenty of songs, and accessories to choose from, you'll create your own style and unique music in this one-of-kind auto-battler!

Choose a manager to lead your band to victory! Band managers are like heroes, each with their own personality and appearance, and offer a powerful ability to boost your band's performance during battles. Your band is composed of four superstars, summoned from alternate realities, including many that you will recognize as special guests from the worlds of music, youtube, and gaming! Your vocalist not only provides lyrics, but can boost your band's health. That amazing guitarist you recruit can shred with the best of them while raising the attack power of other band members. Turn your bassist into a tank that protects your band. Choose the right abilities to create a drummer that deals out protective shields. You have the freedom to create multiple bands to help you discover a performance style that fits your tastes.

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