Black Panther Figures Should All Be This Cool: Looking at the New Walmart Exclusive

Black Panther is everywhere right now, especially in the toy aisle. Funko Pops, role-play items, and action figures. There's a little bit of everything right now. We already took a look at the wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends that started hitting stores at the beginning of the month, and now we will take a look at a unique figure hitting exclusively Walmart.

The figure comes in the standard Marvel Legends packaging that has been around for years now. Big window box, showing off the figure and accessories. Cool key art related to the figure on the sides, big picture of the figure on the back. Behind the figure is a big Black Panther logo. The description on the back of the box reads:

T'Challa wears a glowing suit made with Vibranium technology as the warrior hero Black Panther.

The figure itself is a comic-based look for Black Panther, with the energy suit from the current run of comics. It has quite the striking look to it. From the pictures I had seen before, the markings on the suit looked pink, but in reality they are more purple. Nevertheless, it looks awesome. It really adds a uniqueness to the third Black Panther figure on shelves right now.

Both head sculpts are great, as well, although the energy suit one with the yellow eyes is the better of the two. My one complaint about this figure is that the heads are hard to get back on once taken off, especially the regular head. His necklace can go over his head, however, so it is easy to remove.

This is one of the easiest figures to pose I have ever gotten my hands on. If you want to keep the energy blasts on his hands, though, lift them level or higher. Otherwise, they'll fall right off. While I'm thinking of it, this is the 1,725th figure (all numbers approximate) to come with these energy blasts. I'm getting a little tired of them.

All in all, however, this is a damn near perfect figure. It is by far my favorite Panther figure and will become the go-to figure for my displays. The figure has such a cool look, is perfectly articulated, and is just one of the better-looking figures and exclusives you will see.

If you would like one, they should be in Walmart stores now. Or, you could keep an eye here for when it goes up for order.

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