Dataminers Find a Ton of Content with the Sea of Thieves Beta

It doesn't take a lot of time for your average player currently digging into the Sea of Thieves beta to learn that there's a lot of stuff in the game that makes no sense and you don't know why it's there, as well as content you figure would be there and it just isn't. Well, that's because it's a beta, and a lot of stuff is either inactive, switched off, or hasn't even been added to the final build of the game yet. That includes all of you who have been sailing around randomly looking for a chance to fight a Kraken. So leave it to dataminers to explore the real dark ocean of the game's data and discover all of the tidbits you're not getting to play with yet.

Dataminers Find a Ton of Content with the Sea of Thieves Beta

If you wish to be spoiled, you can head over to this Reddit thread and get all the juicy details. But the abridged version is that there are a ton of treasure chests to be found that have no clues or even hints anywhere that they exist, different types of food you can eat, various planes to talk on depending on the island you visit, extra riddles, more NPCs you haven't been introduced to, shops that don't exist yet, more ships and extra ship customizations to make them look how you wish, extra cargo, better weapons, and more. Even unnamed islands that don't show up on the map anywhere yet. If anything, this makes us more excited to play the full game when it's released on March 20th.

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