Flightless Reveals New Exploration Puzzle Game Doomsday Vault

Indie studio Flightless has revealed that their exploration puzzle game Doomsday Vault is set to be released on consoles and PC next month. The game is a cute and charming title that will have you going around exploring the planet and saving specific types of plants as everything around you is crumbling or on the verge of destruction. Just watching the gameplay is kind of fun as you'll be doing all this work in an exosuit as you dive into pyramids and ancient gardens. The game will officially release on August 5th, 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the trailers and info below.

Save as many plants as you can in Doomsday Vault, courtesy of Flightless.
Save as many plants as you can in Doomsday Vault, courtesy of Flightless.

Rescue Earth's precious plant life. In your robotic suit navigate a flooded city, break into an underground lair and explore ancient pyramids. Find and collect seeds and return them to the safety of the Vault. Nurture seeds to grow new sustainable crops. Unlock additional tools and items to customise your suit. You're on a lone mission to rescue Earth's precious plant life. Adventure around in your robotic suit using its tools and abilities to explore challenging environments. Locate and collect Earth's precious remaining plant life. Rescue the seeds from these critical species and return them to the safety of the Vault. Find nutrients to nurture your seeds and grow a sustainable crop in your Vault. Progress through levels and grow crops to unlock additional tools and customise your robotic suit.

  • Adventure missions to find precious seeds for the Vault.

  • Challenge mode with races, mazes, scores and leaderboards.

  • Vault to nurture seeds into crops.

  • Challenging puzzles and gameplay to suit all ages and experience.

  • Engaging 3D environments.

  • Play as the iconic DV Robot character.

  • Robot suit customisation.

  • Beautiful soundtrack and sound effects.

  • Helpful plant information.

  • Supports MFI, PlayStation and Xbox game controllers.

  • Supports Siri Remote on Apple TV.

  • Localisation support for 15 languages.

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