Fortnite Introduces the New Item Port-a-Fort and Shows Off How it Works

Today, Epic Games announced a brand new item that will be coming to Fortnite that will, in a sense, basically change the game for people who are in dire need of protection with the Port-a-Fort. The minute the image of the square container started making the rounds earlier today, people were wondering just exactly what it did and how it worked. Now we know, thanks to the developers who sent out this lovely tweet that includes a quick animated video showing the weapon in action.

Now while the Port-a-Fort may look impressive to watch and certainly will give you an advantage, there are a couple key things to take away from that animation. First, its some of the more flimsy materials like wood and metal that can be destroyed quicker than stone, so a couple well-placed grenades or rockets will bring the thing down. Second, it's not impenetrable, as there's clearly a front door on this thing, meaning people could still sneak in and climb up to kill you. So those who believe this will keep them safe are sorely mistaken. However, it does give a quick tower to anyone looking to snipe from afar, get quick damage in, or maybe build a jump pad real fast.

No date was given as to when it will be added, but like most items, we'll probably see it in the next couple weeks.

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