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Humankind Reveals New "Together We Rule" Expansion

SEGA and Amplitude Studios revealed the next major expansion coming to Humankind as it will be called Together We Rule. The update will add more cultures, but more importantly, it will add new options for you when you get to a certain point in the development of your culture. Such as Leverage as a currency, a new Agent unit, an Embassy, and a Congress. You can read all the details below as they will be added to the game sometime this Fall.

Humankind Reveals New "Together We Rule" Expansion
Credit: SEGA
  • Congress of Humankind – Get involved in an inter-empire forum with the Congress of Humankind. The congress will allow players to vote and decide on global doctrines and arbitrate international conflicts together. No matter how big or small the Empire, all have their say in the world order, but the weight of their words will depend on the brand-new Leverage currency. Together you will rule the world!
  • Embassy: This new Quarter will bring your negotiation tactics to a higher level! Deepen ties and sign agreements beneficial for both your empires, like joint training or research agreements.
    Or use your Leverage currency to force an empire to take specific actions to your benefit, like lowering war support or enforcing demands.
  • Agents: Use this new unit family to gather Leverage! They will also allow you to infiltrate, sabotage and disinform other empires. There are three units in the Agent family:
    • The Envoy, or diplomat, will move freely on the map without diplomatic restrictions and collect Leverage on other empires. They can also be used to influence Independent People more quickly.
    • The Spy, to focus on infiltration, will be able to infiltrate other empires, gain information, exploit a district and steal their resources or even track and follow an army's position on the map.
    • The Spymaster, an advanced spy, has two additional sabotage actions. They can disrupt a district to disable its functionality temporarily, or they can disorganize an army, giving them an important combat malus.
  • Diplomatic Affinity + 6 New Cultures – The new Diplomatic Affinity allows its cultures to have a more active role in the world's diplomacy.
    • Their Active Ability allows them to demilitarize a territory for 10 turns, while their Passive Ability allows all their units, beyond just agents, to collect Leverage.
    • The 6 new cultures are the Sumerians, the Han Chinese, the Bulgarians, the Swiss, the Scots, and the Singaporeans.
  • 6 new wonders, new narrative events, new music – Monument Valley, Pamukkale, Chocolate Hills, Eldgjá, Palace of Versailles, and the Congress of Humankind Headquarters.

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