Indulge Your Desire For Chaos With The Latest Agents Of Mayhem Trailer


This latest trailer for Volition, Deep Silver, and Square Enix's spinoff of the Saint's Row series Agents of Mayhem features the three primary agents of the aptly named Mayhem agency. Those agents are the prettyboy Hollywood, the tank-like Hardtack, and the tiny-but-deadly Fortune.

Yes, their names are pretty much fitting with their over-the-top personas, and that's just how Agents of Mayhem does things. The latest trailer does a decent job of letting you into their screwy heads — insomuch as you want to be in their heads, anyhow. Ultimately, it is a solid introduction to the world, with all the cheesy one-liners and cookie-cutter stereotypes that are sure to abound in the main game.

The description of the trailer reads:

It's Mayhem Monday Agents!

Today, the first three agents recruited into MAYHEM are here to showcase why they make the perfect team – Franchise Force.

As the "Face of MAYHEM", Hollywood thinks of the agency as a franchise which needs to be marketed.  With Fortune and Hardtack making up some of the first recruited agents, it only seemed natural the three of them should be the driving "force" behind that "franchise". Thus Franchise Force was born! Of course, it also helps their combat capabilities complement  each other well since Fortune is swift and damaging, Hardtack is tough and deadly at close range, and Hollywood is a good mix of the other two.

With the teleport technology capability of MAYHEM, agents in your squad are able to instantly teleport into and out of combat. This allows on-the-fly swapping of agents in the field, allowing one to heal while another takes their place, or allowing the best agent for a particular fight or task in your squad of three to replace the currently active one.

Honestly, the whole trailer tells you quite a lot more about their boss Persephone than the agents themselves. Because what kind of madwoman would employ these three?


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