Jeff Leach Issues Public Statement Addressing Previous Comments

This afternoon, Jeff Leach issued a statement through his law firm addressing his previous comments and behavior. If you're not familiar with the situation, Leach made several misogynistic comments that took place a few years ago, which have resurfaced online and started making the rounds on social media. Prompting both Activision and Facebook Gaming to cut ties to the voice actor, who played Ghost in the reboot of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Up until now, Leach has been sharing messages of support on his Twitter feed, but it wasn't until this afternoon he decided to officially make comment on what's taken place over the past week.

You can read the entire statement, below, but the short version is he has apologized for his behavior and is promising to be transparent in the future. His law firm also released previous videos of him apologizing for these comments in the past on Facebook and YouTube. Where this takes him and his career going forward is uncertain, and as of the time we're posting this article, his response has received mixed feedback.

Jeff Leach Issues Public Statement Addressing Previous Comments
Jeff Leach at The Loaded LAFTAs Awards 2013 10th Anniversary held at Sway, London. 07/03/2013 Picture by: Henry Harris. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Several members of the media have had questions about comments I have made, and I truly believe you deserve honest answers and an explanation. As you know, passion can be a double-edged sword. First and foremost, I am deeply passionate about creating great work, sharing that work with my audience and using it to lift, entertain, educate and connect more closely to my community. This extends to my acting work, live streams and the online contact I choose to have within the gaming community. That will never change.

However, on the other end of the passion spectrum, I have also reacted passionately in situations where I felt attacked, targeted or harassed and I have very occasionally lost control – and that's what happened to me with a couple of individuals in the gaming community. My rancor towards them was not only wrong but also the antithesis of my relationship with my fan base and the inclusive message I try to promote – and for this, I am deeply sorry but also ashamed.

Transparency is a huge proponent of my online content. Anyone who has cared to watch a chunk of the 40+ hrs. of live content I produce each week will be aware of this. However, the use of vitriolic language online always holds the power to cause harm. As stupid as I have acted, I am not an uneducated man and I am not naive to this fact. It's one of the reasons I have been so vocal on my platforms about ending the toxicity and hate speech that exists in various facets of this industry.

I'm remorseful for misrepresenting my true intentions and apologize to the individuals and the business partners that I may have negatively impacted by these outbursts. This includes my incredible supporters, moderators who have worked so tirelessly to protect our little online community and the companies who extended opportunity and trust to me and whom I have let down.

I'm grateful for the words of support and understanding that I have received and I want you all to know that lessons have been learned, my emotions are being worked on and I will continue to be transparent and accountable to those who are generous enough to give me their time and interest.

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