Redbox Appears To Be Stopping Video Game Rentals

As Redbox slowly drifts into obscurity in a digital age, it appears the company is shutting down one aspect of their business with video game rentals. A few different notices have gone up on Reddit today, pointing out that the company has removed the option to rent games across the country. And indeed, on their own website, there is no longer information about rentals. You can only purchase games from their website. If you happen to be a gamer who can't afford to buy games outright and have been playing with their rental system, that's a major blow to the wallet.

Redbox Has Stopped Offering Video Game Rentals
Credit: Redbox

In a way, it makes sense as Redbox has been slowly vanishing, much like the rental stores they once replaced. After doing some searching with a couple of others on staff, it appears it's a nation-wide cutback both on the game rentals and the booths. We'll see how much time on the clock Redbox has left before it slips into the same obscurity vacuum that consumed places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Or maybe this is the time for the company to change strategies and switch to a digital rental format.

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