Shiny Spiritomb Is Now Live In Pokémon GO For The Halloween Event

Niantic finally did it. After two Halloweens of only one Spiritomb per trainer, Shiny Spiritomb is now released in Pokémon GO. While it will not be spawning in the wild, trainers will have a shot to catch more than one of these for the 2020 Halloween Event. Here's how you can hunt Shiny Spiritomb in Pokémon GO.

Regular and Shiny Spiritomb comparison in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Regular and Shiny Spiritomb comparison in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

To encounter Spiritomb, you're going to have to get out there, spin Pokéstops, and complete tasks. Here are the Halloween 2020 tasks that have been catalogued by trainers in Pokémon GO:

  • Catch 18 Dark-type Pokémon: Spiritomb encounter
  • Catch 18 Ghost-type Pokémon: Spiritomb encounter
  • Purify 2 Shadow Pokémon: Cubone encounter
  • Win 2 Raids: Yamask encounter or Spiritomb encounter
  • Power-up 5 Pokémon: Costume Charmander, Costume Squirtle, Costume Bulbasaur

All of these encounters have a Shiny chance, though rates have not yet been researched on the Halloween spawns. Trainers will also have a chance to encounter Spiritomb during Step Two of the "A Spooky Message Unmasked" Special Research. After players complete reward including catching ten Dark-Types, executing 8 Nice Throws, and catching 108 Pokémon in general, the second page's bonus rewards will offer a Spiritomb encounter.

Players who missed the previous two years of Halloween-themed Special Research may not know what's the deal with all of these 18s and 108s. Spiritomb's lore, which we'll cover in an upcoming dedicated post, has the answer for that. Niantic isn't just trying to drive you crazy with these number-based tasks. There's an actual mythological tie-in here. Spiritomb is actually 108 spirits that have been, according to the Pokédex entry, "bound to a fissure in an odd keystone as punishment for misdeeds 500 years ago." For these tasks, let's just be glad that Niantic stuck with the 108 theme rather than the 500.

Spiritomb is expected to be a highly coveted Shiny, so good luck out there, fellow trainers.

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