Square Enix Montreal Releases A Special Go Stories Trilogy For Fans Of The Series


Square Enix Montreal has been having a lot of fun with the GO series of mobile apps for iPhone in three of Square's long time franchises. The trilogy includes Hitman Go, Deus Ex Go, and Lara Croft Go. Hitman Go is a turn based strategy game while Deus Ex and Lara Croft are both puzzlers.

In celebration of the series, Square Enix Montreal is doing a series of story videos on each of the games in the trilogy. The first title to get the full story treatment is Hitman Go. The Hitman story follows the IO interactive team as they make a handcrafted edition of Hitman Go. If you've got the two minutes to spare, you should definitely check it out when you have the chance.

The Lara Croft and Deus Ex stories should be along shortly, and the three are supposed to hint at what we can expect to see from Square Enix Montreal in the future. My bet is, we'll be getting more from the GO series in the future from other Square properties. Maybe the next Kingdom Hearts project will be KH Go? Since, we all know KH3 is going to take its time getting to us. Feel free to drop your guesses in the comments.

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