The Wholesome Direct Stream Plans To Show Over 50 Games

Wholesome Games are aiming to give you one of the best gaming live streams this summer as Wholesome Direct has some surprises. The company revealed on their twitter feed this week that the stream, which will take place on Tuesday, May 26th at 10am PT, will feature "exclusive footage, developer interviews, and announcements from over 50 wholesome indie games." Essentially loading the feed with a ton of new content on the way over the next calendar year for indie developers. Here's an excerpt from their website about the stream happening tomorrow.

The Wholesome Direct live stream will happen on May 26th, 2020.
The Wholesome Direct live stream will happen on May 26th, 2020.

Hi, I'm Matthew! A little over one year ago, I started Wholesome Games to bring attention to an emerging genre of games less concerned with how you play (shooter, platformer, etc.) and more concerned with how they made you feel. Since then Wholesome Games has made over 35,000 friends. Later this spring we'll host our first Wholesome Direct, an online video showcase meant to bring further attention to some of the most promising wholesome games. Our hope is that this showcase brings joy to both the developers and fans involved. Please look forward to exclusive footage and announcements from games like Ooblets, Spiritfarer, SkateBIRD, Little Witch in the Woods, Garden Story, Chicory, Rainy Season, and many more!

While they have shown some games on their website like Book Of Travels, Ooblets, Spiritfarer, Little Witch In The Woods, Rainy Season, and Chicory, the vast majority of what they have planned to show off remains unknown. This makes sense since a lot of the developers are either brand new or have maybe one title under their belts, so most of it isn't on anyone's radar. In any case, tomorrow sounds like it will be filled with awesome content, as you can watch the stream live on YouTube.

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