U.K. Hacker Jailed For DDoS Attacking Pokémon GO

A U.K. man is now sitting in prison for the next two years, all because he decided he wanted to take down Pokémon GO. The Metro is reporting that 21-year-old hacker Alex Bessell has been sentenced to 24 months in prison for what is probably the crowning achievement in his hacking career so far, being one of the few people to shut down the mobile app. Bessell set up a website called Aiobuy that had over 9.000 zombie computers with the singular goal of selling viruses and using them to create DDoS attacks. This also included "remote administration tools, Botnet tools, crypters, booter access and other malware and illegal items."


U.K. Hacker Jailed For DDoS Attacking Pokémon GO

Bessel has actually made a career out of being a hacker, aside from making over $500k on Aiobuy, he also helped with a group of other hackers develop the "Galaxy JDB" hacking tool and running a money-laundering scheme between 2012-2013. Many of his attacks took down big companies in the U.K. including Skype, Google, and Pokémon GO. Bessell pled guilty to nine different counts of different cybercrime offenses, which landed him the two-year sentence. No word yet as to whether or not he can apply for parole down the road or if there will be any restrictions placed on him after being released.

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