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Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool

Earlier this season, I was worried about Castle's chances – it was hitting some seriously low numbers – but for a while now it has fallen back into a consistent, if not stellar, rating threshold. On Monday, in its fifth season, the latest episode scored a 2.3. We're slowly seeing some early renewals come out now, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Castle pop up with one of those. ABC have the cast contracted for one more year, so the most likely scenario is ABC wanting to cross the t's and dot the i's on a few other shows before doing a big renewal announcement.

Also on Monday; The Following tripped with a 2.7, The Carrie Diaries talked up 0.5, Bones uncovered a 2.3 and How I Met Your Mother flashed back to another 3.4.

With Tuesday's FOX comedy lineup all renewed just tonight, it's interesting to see how the shows' latest appearances fared. Raising Hope scored a 1.5, New Girl 2.3 and The Mindy Project 1.6. The renewals are not unexpected, as these comedies have kept on doing fair business, especially compared to the comedies on ABC and NBC… but they could be doing better.

Raising Hope has been a strong little runner for Fox ever since it premiered three years ago. It's never been setting the world on fire, but the Fox brass like it and just enough people continue to be big fans of the Chance family that a fourth season was almost inevitable. The Mindy Project is a little more curious, but I imagine Fox still want to be in the Mindy Kaling business, as well as needing a slot-filler.

Arrow struck itself a better-than-average 1.0 on Wednesday. The Middle's 2.1, The Neighbors' 1.7, Modern Family's 3.9 and Suburgatory's 2.3 all did okay too. It's crazy that a 1.5 to 2.0 can be considered "okay" in the wacky world of broadcast comedies, but there's no questioning that it's a survivable rating.

On Thursday, nothing aired – if you were just looking at the numbers, that is. CBS' repeat of Person Of Interest pulled in a far higher number than the night's scripted originals. Zero Hour hit 1.0 in its third episode and has since been taken off the schedule. It will apparently return in the summer.

Community's ratings continue to keep steady at 1.1. Out of everything airing this season, Community is one of the toughest calls for renewal. It seems weird, and 1.1 is obviously an easy cancel, but after stripping out the show's soul, messing it around and everything else that NBC have done, it seems almost unreal that the show might fade out with a cancellation whimper. During its second season, people were favourably comparing Community to The Simpsons, and it's weird to think that the show has essentially run the meta-narrative of The Simpsons in the span of four years. It has gone from a great-but-conventional show, to a pop-culture zeitgeist on top of the world, through to its more wacky and daring stage, before ending up emotionally neutered.

Nikita and Touch aired on Friday. Nikita scored 0.3. Touch scored 0.8. Hold me, I'm shaking with excitement.

ABC premiered another new midseason drama on Sunday, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it won't be around for very long. Red Widow opened to a low 1.4 rating, following a series-low showing of Once Upon A Time. Similar to Castle, I would imagine a Once renewal will be coming soon, but some budget trimming seems likely. Once has slowly lost an entire rating point since its second season premiere many months ago.

See you around next week, with more ratings, rationalizing and nonsense.

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