A DC Entertainment Show To "Hint" At The Legion Of Superheroes

legionLong live the Legion!

According to TVLine, DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns told reporters during his appearance at the Television Critics' Association winter press tour that the venerable 31st Century superhero club may be making a return visit to television. But he neglected to reveal which of the many shows based on DC Comics characters will suggest the futuristic team, saying "You'll see a hint of the Legion on one of our shows."

The group first appeared on TV in an 1998 episode of Superman: The Animated Series followed by Justice League Unlimited visiting in 2006. They also stared in the own animated series from 2006-2008. In live action, various Legionnaires made a handful of Smallville appearances, the first of which was written by Johns.

"They're underused," said Johns. "Hopefully we'll get them out there soon."