A Justin Lin-Directed Community Movie Could Be In The Works

Community - Season 5

Six seasons and a movie indeed. As Community approaches the end of season 5 (started out strong but ultimately a mixed bag, by my estimation), talk has begun to turn to its future, with at least one half of the NBC sitcom's famous tagline at least very likely to happen.

According to TV Guide, NBC is looking likely to pick up the show for one more 13 episode season to wrap everything up, so that would make it 6 seasons.

"And a movie" after that, like they've joked about so many times? It's not out of the question either. In fact, it's gotten to the point that a possible director has even come up, and it's someone very familiar: Justin Lin, who's largely been responsible for the resurgence of the Fast and Furious franchise. He's also directed several episodes of the show already, so he's not unfamiliar with the source material.

Dan Harmon, at least, seems very keen on making a Community movie a reality:

If the movie has to be made out of clay and duct tape in my basement, then that's how the movie will be made, because there has to be closure. The title of the book about the show is not Community, An Interesting Journey into a Show No One Ever Watched. The title of the book is obviously going to be, Six Seasons and a Movie.

But staying with season 5, here's what TV Guide had to tease about the finale:

In the two-part finale, which airs April 10 and April 17 at 8/7c, the study group discovers that Subway plans to purchase Greendale Community College and turn it into Subway University. Jeff (Joel McHale) is offered a job by the sandwich conglomerate, while Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) tells Annie (Alison Brie) and Abed about the secret of Greendale's first dean (guest star Chris Elliott), which could help save the school. Ultimately Jeff and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) make a decision about their future.

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