A Tense Conversation About The Dead In Exclusive Clip From The Messenger

We have an exclusive clip from the new thriller, The Messenger, opening in the UK today. The revolves around Robert Sheehan's Jack, a young man who can see the dead. When he unwillingly becomes embroiled in the unfinished business of a local murder, his estranged sister, played by Lily Cole, re-appears in his life and Jack starts to remember the past they shared together and to confront the truth about the death of his own father.

In the clip, Jack attempts to explain himself to the wife of a dead man desperate to say goodbye.

The film also stars Joely Richardson, Tamzin Merchant, David O'Hara and Jack Fox and is directed by David Blair. It is unclear when it'll arrive in the States, but I know we have readers in the UK who might interested in this. Having watched the trailer, I think it looks pretty cool.

The Messenger opens today in the UK.