A Very Close Look At The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Marvel have finally released the first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Having said that, and understanding how long this thing has been so keenly anticipated, it may have arrived a couple of weeks ahead of their normal schedule, perhaps: the preceding movie from their ongoing "cinematic universe" won't be released for another month.

Before we start, here's the trailer itself for anybody still playing catch-up.


For those who saw the footage screened at Comic Con last year, the basic structure of the teaser will have been rather familiar.

We start with Peter Quill on his own Indiana Jones-style tomb raid. Well, maybe not a tomb exactly but you get the idea.


He's all alone. Nobody around. This place seems remote enough to be the end of an adventure, not the beginning. This implies the travails already undertaken to get here.


Note how Quill appears to be holding one orb in his hand, and is looking off at another glowing orb suspended in the distance. There's more than one hand-held orb in play in this story, it would seem.

I'm guessing the one Quill has here is rather trivial, the one he's come to find is not and, somewhere down the line, switcheroos ensue. Would almost be a waste, otherwise. Chekov's Glowing Orb.

vlcsnap-2014-02-19-09h09m43s75 vlcsnap-2014-02-19-09h09m48s133

Somebody is going to mention "lens flare" now that it seems oh-so-vogueish to do so. So it might as well be me. It's just one of those things, like the breathing of an image as an anamorphic lens pulls focus or the motion artefacts in a 24fps pan that say "cinematic" to an audience used to decades of conventional film looks.


The walls and floor are very ornate and the shape of the room is quite striking, but nothing much seems to have a practical function. I'd guess this is a vast reliquary or, just maybe, the entry foyer to an actual tomb. Certainly makes that orb seem important, though.


The first time that Quill's crucial walkman comes into play. We know that it's full of 80s tunes and that Quill is a child of that decade. I think it's safe to assume, then, that the events in this film are contemporary to the rest of the Marvel Movieverse. I suppose the button scene on Thor: The Dark World pretty much promised that anyway.



So, whatever this orb is, it's very detailed. Being suspended here in a beam of light only amps up how important the thing will appear to be.


A reaction shot like this goes some way to cranking up the orb's importance too.


But wasn't it floating just a second ago? I'm guessing this shot is taken out of sequence, to give us a close up of "taking" that the scene (and for that matter, Quill) can turn around on.


Quill doesn't seem to be one looking for a straight up fight. That'd be more like Gamora or Drax, I'd guess. I bet he still thinks he can wheedle his way out of here, though. That's the impression I've got of this guy.


This is Korath the Pursuer, obviously living up to his name, and he's with what seem to be some Sakaarans, at least judging from the action figures on display at the New York Toy Fair.

Does that mean we're on Sakaar here, the Planet Hulk planet? Or is this Xandar, as per a reference later in the trailer? I suspect we'll find out for sure from the prequel comic that's coming this Spring.

Until now, Korath has been Kree in the comics. Not sure how this will be handled in the film seeing as generalised Kree come under the 20th Century Fox Fantastic Four deal.


This orb is a very precious thing worth all of the fuss with a beam of light and floating… but Korath is okay for Quill to drop it, and Quill is okay to oblige. With a thud.



Those are some big guns with ludicrously broad openings at the ends of their barrels.


It's now clear to anybody in the audience that Peter Quill is our protagonist here. This whole first section has been devised to introduce him.

First, we got a sense of his exploring, thieving nature; we saw the walkman come into play; he backed down under threats and seemed pretty nervous about it; and then the whole thing pivots and confidently, almost cockily, he introduces himself as Star Lord.

The way the music cuts abruptly just before he answers undercuts the moment nicely, though, and sets us up for what is about to happen…


That grand title doesn't mean anything to Korath – or, for all we know, anybody at all. Who is this kid?



They mirror one another, in a sense. Quill drops his shoulders in defeat, Korath raises his in a shrug. Note how the camera position drops "us" closer to Quill too, underlining which side we are on.


And where do we go next? I assume he's now placed under arrest and shipped off somewhere else. But where? It's not entirely obvious.