Aaron Eckhart Is The Monster – First Trailer For I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein does have that Underworld vibe, and a lot of Van Helsing about it. This is not really what I want to see Aaron Eckhart doing. I don't want him to have a "Paul Bettany shadow career."


Well, that took me right back to the most underwhelming moment of San Diego Comic Con 2013.

By calling the character Adam Frankenstein the filmmakers are allowing for him to be called just Frankenstein, therefore preventing too much confusion for the people who always did that for the monster anyway. So… that's one bit of creative problem solving, I suppose.

Maybe the film is much richer and smarter than this trailer. Trailers are, in their way, stitched together monsters, after all.

I, Frankenstein will be released in the US on January 24th next year.