Action Packed Trailer For Firestorm, Starring Andy Lau

The death and rebirth of Hong Kong action cinema has been commented upon a number of times but in truth I'm not sure it's ever really gone away.

I count many Hong Kong action films not just amongst my favourite action films but amongst my favourite films overal. Johnnie To's masterful Drug War and Wong Kar-wai's beautiful The Grandmaster will almost certainly be in my top ten come the end of 2013 and I'm sure there are still many more I haven't seen this year.

There does seem to be a resurgence in the popularity for Hong Kong action in the past couple of years though and what is perhaps most interesting is that the big names in these films are often the same ones that were getting top billing many years ago.

A new trailer made its way online this week for a new action picture starring Andy Lau entitled Firestorm and it looks set to contain a great deal of the kind of inventive, high octane action that fans of Hong Kong action films so often crave.


I first saw the trailer at Twitch and then on the Edko YouTube channel. Edko put it up a few days ago though and in a higher resolution, so presumably it was there first.