Agents Of SHIELD Will Be Scored By Bear McCreary, Gets Comic-Con Teaser Art

While well-loved composer Bear McCreary has tended to score smaller movies, his TV soundtracks have been for some of the biggest genre shows. Recently he's been busy with The Walking Dead, Defiance and Da Vinci's Demons; his incredible streak started with Battlestar Galactica in 2004.

And now he's scoring Agents of SHIELD. Seems so right.

He spoke to EW about how the show has inspired his musical approach:

The series centers on the behind-the-scenes people, their heroism and their quirks. As such, the music I wrote is heroic and, at times, quirky and offbeat…. For me, the entire series hinges around Clark Gregg's Agent Phil Coulson. He has a magnetic presence and an irresistible charm. Every time he's onscreen, musical ideas are bursting into my brain… To me, a superheroic score is only as good as its main theme. If you're not singing the tune in the shower a few days after hearing it, then an opportunity has been lost.

I think the lucky few – okay, lucky few thousand – will get a good taste of McCreary's work during the Agents of SHIELD panel at Comic Con this week.

And it's on the occasion of this special event that the series' official Facebook page published the teaser image at the head of this page. Almost a poster, I suppose. And something you can use as a desktop image, maybe, while we're all still waiting to be able to turn McCreary's score into mobile phone ringtones.

Agents Of SHIELD Will Be Scored By Bear McCreary, Gets Comic-Con Teaser Art