Aliens In Their Eyes – First Teaser For The Host

In The Host, human bodies are infiltrated by alien parasites. As a result, we all become squeaky clean and placid. It's an invasion of The Body Snatchers idea.

And as you can see in this first teaser, it all plays out in the eyes.

That music has a bit of a Tron: Legacy thing going on – just not enough. And that montage of infected faces, which infamously features a lot of "fans" as part of an online promotion, put me in mind of the Black Hole Sun video – just not enough.

Still, there seems to be scope for some Scientology baiting here. A little bit, anyway. Hopefully enough.

Andrew Niccol has adapted The Host from a novel by Stephanie Meyer. Any "From the People Who Gave You In Time and Twilight" tagline probably isn't going to get far around here.