An Exceedingly Brief Look At Paranormal Activity 4 Suggests A Break From The Old Routine?

This trailer does appear to contain footage from Paranormal Activity 4, despite it being made largely of shots from the previous installments. The last film clip you see, that tiny flicker of a blonde woman's face, seems to be new to me.

Here's a shot of the woman I mean, in case you missed it.

Still, we might not see that clip in the part 4 feature, particularly seeing as 90% of the material in the Paranormal Activity 3 trailers didn't show up in the film.

But look: it's at night, but it's not being shot on night vision. And she appears to not be in a bedroom, or a kitchen. Could this new Paranormal Activity picture be taking a break from the haunted house schtick? Could we be headed outside more? Perhaps into nature?

I guess we'll find out when the full trailer lands in just a couple of days.