Anna Kendrick And Sam Rockwell Team For Hitman Romantic Actioner Mr. Right

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - July 12, 2013

Anna Kendrick is due to play a woman with a bad luck streak when it comes to romance and thinks that's all come to an end when she falls for Sam Rockwell, in a new film called Mr. Right, according to Deadline. Unfortunately, he used to be a hitman and she ends up in all kinds of danger because of it.

It sounds like a generic ripoff of that one Katherine Heigl / Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy we'd all do better to forget ever existed, but with charm machines Kendrick and Rockwell in the lead roles, could it be something better? I really hope so. I really hope these two being in a movie together – everything I never knew I wanted – isn't wasted on a terrible movie. Max Landis wrote the script, which is also promising.

Filming begins in the fall. The two already just did one movie together, though it's unclear if they shared any plot-space, in Joe Swanberg's Digging for Fire. She had a small role while he was one of the leads, so I'm guessing not.

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