Anne Hathaway Cast in "French Children Don't Throw Food"

Anne Hathaway has signed on to star in StudioCanal's adaptation of Pamela Druckerman's autobiography French Children Don't Throw Food. The film is in active development as we speak, with no director chosen quite yet. They are working from a script by Jamie Minoprio and Jonathan Stern. Anne Hathaway was last seen on screens in Dark Waters.

The book "follows her real-life experience as a 35-year-old American journalist in Paris contending with pregnancy and parenthood. Unlike her fellow Americans, Druckerman learns that pregnant French women aren't purchasing every parenting bible known to man, nor are they obsessed about natural births or C-sections. As she tries to balance family life and her career, she looks to uncover why the French have such well-behaved children."

Anne Hathaway
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This certainly sounds like a big return for Anne Hathaway, who hasn't really grabbed a role by the reigns and made the film all hers in a bit. She has been in ensembles and sharing top billing in her last few bigger pictures, and it will be nice to see her take a more demanding lead role again. Let's not forget how good she can be. Hathaway has a screen presence that most actors and actresses would kill for. This has awards season written all over it, and while that has caused problems for Anne Hathaway in the past, it is exactly that: the past. We are very much looking forward to seeing her front and center in a role she can really sink her teeth into.

No other cast, release date, or anything of that nature was given. We will update you when they do. However, given the circumstances of the industry with coronavirus the most we can expect is likely some casting and choosing the various crew members.


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