Another Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Film Coming, But It's An Odd One…

Another Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Film Coming, But It's An Odd One…

I'm sure just what the world is crying out for right now is another film about Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It seems everybody pretty much liked The Social Network, including myself*, so there hardly seems any need.

No need, but there are means and that's almost always enough.

Mark Zuckerberg and The Found is to be adapted from next month's Bluewater bio-comic of Zuckerburg. According to a press release from the company, the film is to be produced by Hayden 5 Media in the rather unusual medium of rotoscoped animation:

Much like the technique used in the film A Scanner Darkly, the production of Mark Zuckerburg and The Found will begin with live action filmmaking in a digital medium, followed by the use of interpolated rotoscope. The result will be a cross between real characters and animated surroundings seamlessly integrated for a unique, comic book aesthetic.

Right. Sounds cheap.

Thankfully, the filmmakers show no pretense that The Social Network doesn't exist. Here's Todd Wiseman of Hayden 5:

When we found out that Bluewater was releasing this comic, we knew we had to get on board. We saw a great opportunity to re-tell the story of Mark Zuckerburg post Social Network in a brighter, animated form that could be enjoyed and understood by a broader audience.

What does that mean? Kids? Simpletons? Who couldn't understand The Social Network? I know it had its problems, but it was far from being an impenetrable enigma.

The first indication that this won't be a feature length production comes from Hayden 5's Milos Silber. He had this to say about the film's potential audience:

We're just aware of the profound impact of Facebook, and with over 500 million users, we're bound to have an audience. One that is more willing to watch a shortened, visually captivating summary of this short epic online, or on their favorite network.

"Short epic" – that's your life he's talking about there, Mr. Zuckerberg.

Finally, the press release makes reference to:

…the animated short Mark Zuckerburg.

– and I don't think they're referring to his height.

There's no mention of the Zuckerberg film at the Hayden 5 website, but there an awful lot of samples of their work. They seem like a perfect creative partner with the opportunistic peddlers at Bluewater.

*Yeah. I know.