Anthony Daniels Tells Me Where He Will, Won't And Might Be Cropping Up In The Future Of Star Wars

antony danielsOne of the VIP guests at July's Star Wars Celebration convention in Messe Essen will be Anthony Daniels, the silver tongued devil behind C-3PO's golden mask.

I spoke to Daniels this week about CelebrationEpisode VII and the various other bits and pieces of Star Wars business we can look forward to.

I already passed on what Daniels would give up about Episode VII, but here are his comments on the other projects: those that he will be doing, those he won't, and those that are still being worked out.

Star Wars In Concert

We're currently negotiating to start another tour which would have to be next year now. I really want it to go on because on a film set nobody much cares about what you're doing but to have a live audience for a Star Wars thing, the love and affection and joy that floods out of the audience towards to the stage, towards me, towards the orchestra, to the images that are on screen and towards the memory of what George [Lucas] has given the world, this feeling is huge, and palpable and real.

The biggest audience we had was twenty five thousand. Well, if you have that many Star Wars pointing your way all laughing and smiling and listening, that feeling is pretty good for the soul.

Lego Star Wars

I was doing one last week, a new episode of Lego. The animation is astounding. The older I get, the better computer graphics become, and the detailing on those little Lego figures, let me tell you. At one point we had a situation where C-3PO was berating Chewbacca for being too fat to fit through a hole that C-3PO had just escaped through, and he was trying to yank him through there. Of course, we then got a note from Lego saying all of the figures are the same size. Now we can't use that joke.

There's a lot of thought goes into it, and I love the scripts. The writing is just stunning and it's huge fun to do. When you make yourself laugh it's a good sign that you're having fun.

We have script conferences a few weeks before the recordings and I sit down and they let me offer suggestions. I know how Threepio would react to a lot of things now. 

Star Wars: Rebels, the new Lucasfilm animated series

I'm not involved. At least not at the moment. It goes off in a completely different direction. We all miss Clone Wars, which was a lot of fun as well, but you don't want to be doing the same thing forever.

More from Daniels later, including his comments on Celebration, some love for David Lean, and a few cosplay tips…

Star Wars Celebration runs from July 26th to 28th in Messe Essen, Germany. It's shaping up to be the biggest Star Wars con yet – and thanks to all of the changes happening in the Star Wars universe, absolutely the most exciting.