Mike Mignola Unclear On How Hellboy 3 Would End, At C2E2

hbWhile talking at C2E2 about all things Hellboy, creator Mike Mignola admitted he is unclear about Guillermo del Toro's plans for the more-than-likely abandoned Hellboy 3.

"I don't know even know how a third movie would end," he said during a panel focusing on his and writer Chris Roberson's plans for upcoming stories set in the Hellboy world, according to Newsarama. "It would be a 600 hour movie," he joked.

The film itself has been the subject of much conjecture. Hellboy: The Golden Army ended on a cliffhanger of sorts with Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Liz Sherman leaving the B.P.R.D. and Liz pregnant. Del Toro previously mentioned the film would likely revolve around Hellboy facing his often-mentioned destiny to defend the Earth.

And though star Ron Perlman campaigned to see the film made, he recently doubted the project could ever get off the ground, saying "[It will] probably will never happen … Though you never say never never." Ultimately, it would take a kind studio to pony up the money for del Toro to finally reveal how his Hellboy ends.

For his part, Mignola joked that he lives in the shadow of the films. ""I realized one day when I was set of one of the movies and turned to him and said 'you win,'" he said. "When it's a really slow news day when I'm hit by a bus or something, they're going to show a photo of Ron Perlman."