Avengers Chat And First Footage From Joss Whedon's Next – Much Ado About Nothing

CBS yesterday broadcast some footage from Joss Whedon's next in a general, Avengers-plugging piece on the director. There was a lot of buzz amongst Whedonites about this clip last night, which is encouraging – they don't just want him to make people hit each other and gut one another with pointy things.

There's some convincing Whedon primer material here, so if you know somebody yet to be up to speed on Joss, you might want to send them a link.


It's looking to be Whedon's year. With Bellflower Productions to keep his work coming, there's no reason why next year won't belong to him too. Or 2014. 15. 16. And so on. All he'll need is lots of good ideas and the flair to pull them off – the stuff we know he's essentially built out of.