Bad Acting Equals A Second Season For The Path

Bad acting for everyone except Aaron Paul, of course. That's it. This past Wednesday brought the season one finale of Hulu's original series, The Path. The episode title, "The Miracle," left me wondering if I'd feel some kind of mind-blowing reaction by the end of it, and it definitely didn't reach that level.


To be honest, there are a couple actors who are okay, but they're mostly bad. Perhaps we can blame the forced dialogue. The other problem is the pacing. It's something that has been a problem from the start. While the finale was a well-rounded episode, I was so desperate for action and excitement that the bit that was included didn't meet my expectation. I wanted the cult commune to blow up, and for Aaron Paul's character to be the only one left on the outside.


But I won't continue being so harsh, because no matter what I think, The Path has been renewed for a second season. I will say that the build up and cliffhanger for what's to come is intriguing. This may be one of those shows that has a very slow first season, and comes back swinging. One small detail suggestion though, can we do without the ambient noises and put some actual music behind the character scenes?

Disagree, or perhaps you want to find out for yourself? You can binge all ten episodes of The Path on Hulu right now! While we know the series has been renewed for a second season, we're still waiting on an official date.