Batman Villain Eduardo Flamingo Comes To Gotham In The Form Of Raul Castillo

Eduardo_FlamingoAccording to Variety, Eduardo Flamingo, who debuted in Grant Morrison and Adam Kubert's Batman #666, will appear in episode nine of Gotham's second season.

Portrayed by Raul Castillo of HBO's recently cancelled Looking, Flamingo is described as "one of Gotham's most dangerous hitmen. Killing for him isn't just a job, it's an art form. [He's] armed with a spiked chain and an appetite for flesh." They also say the "rock-a-billy assassin" will be a formidable foe for Gordon.

Wait, "rock-a-billy?" I remember the Flamingo of the comic book having a certain flair, but it didn't scream rock-a-billy to me. Perhaps "matador" would be more correct?

Granted, Gotham has a history of remixing the villains of Batman comics into different, TV friendly forms. His cannibalistic tendencies sync up, though. Perhaps it was decided the matador look was took wild, even for Gotham.