BBC America To Breath Life Into Dirk Gently

With a tweet, BBC America announced Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is coming to the cable channel.

The series will be based on the Dirk Gently novels by the late Douglas Adams, themselves based on ideas Adams had while working as a script editor on Doctor Who in the mid-1970s. The first novel features a failed alien colonization attempt that jumpstarts life on earth, an alien ghost trying to undo that mistake and Gently negating his entire reason for getting involved in the case. A second and an unfinished third novel were subsequently released.

The novels have been adapted as a radio drama and loosely formed the basis of a 2010 television series on BBC4.

Variety reports the eight-episode first season will be adapted by Max Landis. It will follow one case with subsequent seasons, should they happen, moving on to Gently's next job. The series will be a co-production of AMC Studios, Ideate Media and IDW Entertainment. Circle of Confusion will also produce the series.