Beware The Batman Returning To Cartoon Network In Worst Timeslot Ever


If you've been waiting for animated DC series Beware the Batman to return to finish off its run, there's good news and bad news…

According to IGN, the second half of the first season of the show is returning to Cartoon Network next month – but it's got a 3am timeslot. As many of you may have already guessed, this means the network is just trying to burn off the remaining episodes that have already been produced with no expectations of trying to get anyone to watch it.

Starting on May 30th, Cartoon Network will herald Beware the Batman's return to the airwaves by airing the 11 episodes already aired back in 2013. July 27th is the date you'll want to rearrange your sleeping schedule around or set your DVR for if you're just looking for the new, previously unaired episodes. Episodes 12 – 26 will begin airing weekly then.

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