BFI IMAX Having All Night All-Night Batman Marathon

I'm a big lover of the Tim Burton Batman films, and the Nolan pictures certainly have their fans too. If you'd like to see all four back-to-back, and bigger than is humanly decent, then the BFI IMAX have you covered with their upcoming All-Nighter.

Seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX is probably the biggest selling point here as the option doesn't come along too often, and the film, as I'm sure you know, includes several sequences filmed in the IMAX format. This is a real case of "Come see it how it was intended – while you can"

In order to keep the audience awake all night there's going to be free tea and coffee served, and in order to motivate them to dress in costume, there's going to be a fancy dress award.

Things will kick off at midnight. Here's the order of service:

Batman (1989) 35mm 126min 12
Batman Returns (1992) 35mm 126min 12
Batman Begins (2005) IMAX DMR 141min 12A
The Dark Knight (2008) IMAX DMR 152min 12A

The two Burton films, being on 35mm and all, won't be at anything like the same scale as the two Nolan ones, but they'll still be plenty big – especially compared to your TV at home.

Bleeding Cool will be giving away some tickets to the whole shebang. Stay tuned (follow us on Twitter, perhaps) for details on how to enter.