Both Cut And Uncut Versions Of The Hunger Games To Be Released On UK DVD And Blu-Ray

The BBFC have classified an "international cut" of The Hunger Games for the film's home entertainment release. That's good. It has been given a 15 certificate, meaning that one will have to be 15 years older to rent or by it.

But hang on – the run time listed is 136 minutes and 38 seconds, which is shorter than the theatrical cut. I'm sure that this can be accounted for by "PAL speedup", which is to say, the film was viewed on a 25 fps DVD, marginally faster playing that the 24fps cinema or Blu-ray experience.

But hang on again – the UK cut is listed as being 136 minutes and 35 seconds long. Is there really only 5 seconds worth of difference?

Well, no. A lot of the edits were made by changing the images and not just removing them.

Nothing has been announced yet but I'm sure there will be an option for parents and younger ones to buy just the 12 certificate version. I'll be intrigued to see how the sales actually break down.