Breaking Bad Spin-Off With Saul Goodman In The Works

Now that he's almost done tracing the epic fall of Walter White, Vince Gilligan is looking for another project.

Surprisingly – well, to me at least – he's considering a Breaking Bad spin-off.

According to Deadline, AMC are:

exploring keeping the franchise alive with a spinoff series centered on one of Breaking Bad's most recognizable supporting characters, Bob Odenkirk's unflappable criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

A criminal lawyer, history suggests, is well suited for a procedural show. That'd be a phase or two away from Breaking Bad's sweeping arcs and overall sense of – for want of a better word – a saga.

Now, here's a compilation of almost twelve minutes worth of the Better Call Saul commercials and some customer testimonials. I can't imagine the new series would go for such a loopy comedic tone as this video… would it?