Brett Ratner And Nicolas Chartier To Produce Robert Luketic Directed Thriller In The Company Of Lies


Robert Luketic, the director of Legally Blonde and Killers, has only just finished filming the thriller Paranoia, starring Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford, but he already has another project lined up to direct.

As reported by Variety, Luketic's next will be another thriller, entitled In the Company of Lies. According to the report the film

…centers on a female doctor whose world is turned upside down when she drops everything and travels to Russia to uncover a shocking truth about her husband. The discovery immediately puts her life in danger and raises questions about who she can really trust.

With producers Brett Ratner And Nicolas Chartier both on board Luketic's chances of nabbing a high profile actress for the lead seem good and they are reportedly meeting with actors already.

Luketic has previously worked with Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigel and Kate Bosworth but none of those names really scream lead in a thriller. Although looking at Luketic's filmography prior to Paranoia his name didn't exactly scream thriller either.

Production is expected to begin on In the Company of Lies by the end of the year.