Bryan Singer On Possibly Becoming X-Men Director Eternal; Talks Birth Of The Team

bryan-singerWhile talking with Digital Spy during a set visit (via Heroic Hollywood), X-Men director Bryan Singer told the site that he is reluctant to give up his stewardship of the series.

"I love these characters. I want to be the guy to pick young Storm, and Jean, and I want to be the guy to pick who Apocalypse is," he said. "And to take Magneto into this different place in [his] life, and to take Raven into this different place in her life. And I want to be the guy to take Xavier's hair off! That's me! I don't want anyone else to do that."

Singer has directed four of the six mainline X-Men films and was heavily involved in the planning of X-Men: First Class. The upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse forms a third part of the loose storyline which began in Matthew Vaughn's film, leading to the real birth of the team. "Not the school," he added, "but the X-Men themselves."

X-Men: Apocalypse opens on May 27th.