Can We Back Up The Latest Doctor Who "Lesbian Love Affair" Rumour? I Think So

Can We Back Up The Latest Doctor Who "Lesbian Love Affair" Rumour? I Think SoThis started in a UK Tabloid, so I know why you might be feeling a little sceptical, but we do have some corroborating evidence of our own.

Is Doctor Who's new companion, Clara, going to have a love affair with Madame Vastra, the fan-favourite Silurian we met when she was hiding out in Victorian England? The Daily Star say so. Mind you, they also offer this:

A source said: "Steven Moffat loves to shake up the show, "What better way than a lesbian storyline?"

Not sure how lesbianism would shake up anything on the show that has already featured Captain Jack Harkness, "the fat one and the thin one", Canton Delaware III, River Song and many more folk of non-hetero persuasion.

Bleeding Cool does have some corroborating evidence that Silurians are coming back in the next series, though we haven't been able to confirm it 100%, nor that Madame Vastra would be among them – though we think Stephen Berkoff's character is. What's more, we've heard that Clara, the new companion, is originally from the Victorian era. She's been seen in 21st Century dress in the set snaps to date, but  that doesn't actually tell us where, and indeed when, she originated.

This affair is an interesting rumour. We've heard enough of other bits and pieces to lend it some credibility. And we like it.

Not least because it means Madame Vastra is coming back. And that the chance of sexual tension between the Doctor and his companion (wash, rinse, repeat) has been greatly reduced.