Character Posters And A Clip From Ridley Scott's The Counsellor

There are quite a few big name stars in Ridley Scott's The Counsellor and Fox are, probably wisely, making the most of how recognisable these stars are with five new character posters, posted at Little White Lies.

The only thing is, the photos have mostly been airbrushed to a rather ludicrous degree and then an Instagram-friendly filter has been applied to all the posters. I suppose they are still recognisable though.

And here's a new clip from the film, in which Michael Fassbender's character is looking a little nervous. And Javier Bardem's character doing a particularly bad job of calming him down.


A lot of footage released so far has focused on these kind of back and forth exchanges between characters. I wonder how much mileage Scott will get out of the counsellor dynamic.

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