Chinese Hotel Featured In Transformers 4 Wants Out

transformers 4 logo

One of Michael Bay's business partners on Transformers: Age of Extinction aren't so happy with how the movie is going, and now LA Times report the Pangu Plaza, the Beijing property featured prominently in the film want out altogether.

According to the paper:

The company said it revoked permission to use Pangu's image in "Transformers: Age of Extinction," as well as in advertising for the film. The company warned all parties not to use Pangu's image, trademark or any shots of the interior or exterior, and it said any such images, if already included, should be removed.

Reportedly this is because Pangu believes the Chinese companies associated with Transformers in China have not kept up their ends of the bargain in featuring the hotel in the film in the manner discussed and utilized the property in advertising as well as holding a red carpet premiere.

Kinda late to be cut out of the film altogether, especially if the building's used prominently, as I gather it is.

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