Chumscrubber Director Returning With Doppelgänger Drama The Look Of Love

It's been six years since Arie Posin's The Chumscrubber snuck out and was, more or less right away, chased back down into its hole again. I think we can fairly call this one "undiscovered", and if you're looking for a more off-map alternative to Donnie Darko, then you might consider The Chumscrubber the best kept secret of recent years.

All the while, I've been wondering where Posin was, and what he was up to. A year ago or so, he seemed to be making moves to get a second film before cameras, but there wasn't a lot of news, and as the months went on, I assume it had stalled.

But now its back. The Look of Love is a drama about a woman who meets a man who looks exactly like her dead husband.

Twelve months back Diane Keaton was in the frame for the lead role, but Hollywood Dot Com are now reporting a change of guard, with Annette Bening coming on board in Keaton's place. This adds to the pile of interesting projects that Bening has coming down the pipe, from the Kristen Wiig comedy Imogene, Gillian Armstrong's curious remix of the Catherine the Great story that sees the Empress recast as a normal Australian woman, and Sally Potter's Bomb.

Robin Williams is said to be on board for Posin's film too, presumably as the dead husband and his doppelgänger.