Colony's Ryan Condal To Write Logan's Run

jessicasixThe saga of the Logan's Run remake continues …

For decades, a number of interested parties have attempted to remake MGM's mid-70s science fiction film Logan's Run. The film starred Michael York as an enforcer in a society where an idyllic life inside a giant mall ends at age 30. When his remaining years are stolen from him, he goes on the run to discover if there is another way of life beyond the confines of his walled society.

Producer Joel Silver has been behind the remake initiative, which counted Bryan Singer among its members for a long time. But as Deadline reports, the new lineup, which features Silver, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg and Greg Berlanti will be awaiting a new script from Colony co-creator and showrunner Ryan Condal.

The film will reportedly feature a female Logan as she faces her Lastday and goes on the run to find Sanctuary, a fabled land for those unwilling to submit to their society's 30-year lifespan restriction.

Provided, of course, the film ever emerges from its decades of development.