Conan Gets A New "Over 18s Only" Trailer And Star Jason Momoa Answers Some Fan Questions – UPDATED

UPDATE: The forum contains a non-Facebook verstion of the same trailer. So here it is – and then the other stuff after it.


There's no way around it right now, I'm afraid – to see the gory new Conan the Barbarian trailer, beheadings, hairpulling and all, you need to visit the film's UK Facebook page and "like it".

Note that the trailer is described as "Over 18s Only," whereas the whole film has already received a BBFC certificate of 15. Spot the creative marketing ploy.

Closer to being fun for all ages is this video of Jason Momoa, the man who is Nu Conan, answering questions from fans and bloggers. It's just part one of… presumably more than one, but he already gets to mention Sean Connery (both as Bond and not), Batman, and Dark Horse comics.