Coppola To Go On Tour With Twixt, Film Different Every Night, Edited In Realtime

Apparently, Coppola is going to take his film Twixt on tour and play it "live". He's telling us that the musicians, presumably Dan Deacon, will be live but also, he's interested in making the film a bit "choose your own adventure". He's got a console and will make changes to the flow of the film, live, on the night, as it's screening. He says these choices will be based on audience responses. There are short and long versions of scenes, and different versions of the scenes.

This is absurd, but absurdly hilarious.

I'm in Hall H as he's about to demonstrate this.

They played "scene 30" with Dan Deacon playing live music. Francis Ford Copolla mixed images along with the music, and then started chanting over the top, again and again, "Nosferatu, Nosferatu, Nosferatu…"

I can't help but laugh. It's blatantly ridiculous and the technology is apparently very counter productive, destroying the audience's immersion in the cinematic diegesis. It's like we're watching an eccentric inventor playing in his lab.

We've now been played a different version of the trailer. Coppola aborted it a few seconds in, and restarted, so that he could read narration live. Just a few seconds into that, he restarted it again.

His reading of the narration was frankly barmy. Barmy. He's no actor.

Dan Deacon is actually mocking Copolla a touch, calling out "30 nights of this!"

I can honestly say this one of the most misbegotten cinematic experiments I have ever seen. The charms of the film are obviously incidental to the lunatic frenzy of novelty that Copolla is indulging.

Some long sequences of Val Kilmer's ad-libbing, as his character is trying to write his novel, are presentable in lots and lots of different versions, but it feels like one of the Line-o-Rama special features from a Judd Apatow DVD.

People laughed at the Kilmer ad libs a lot in the first play through, so this time, this sequence is running and running and running. It's minutes of Kilmer doing sub-Jim Carrey voices and making non-jokes.


Coppola has now shuffled the film and started playing the result. The only thing more ridiculous than this I've seen today was… well, Coppola and Val Kilmer singing a song a few minutes ago…

"Nosferatu… Nosferatu… Nosferatu…"