Creepy Movie On A Go-Slow Because Not Enough Directors Know How To Blend Horror And Comedy

Back at San Diego Comic-Con we learned that Chris Columbus would produce, co-write and co-direct an anthology movie based on stories from Warren Publishing's Creepy comic. The plan was for Columbus to take care of one story and three other directors come in for chapters of their own.

As of yet, no other directors have joined the project. Speaking at New York Comic-Con this morning, Columbus said that the film should be up and running next year but, as yet, he's the only director attached.

Our eyes in the hall, Tash Moore say that Columbus thinks there's a problem finding other directors who can blend the right horror and comedy tones. This is partly the fault of studio execs, he believes – presumably due to a general homogenisation in the industry.

I can think of lots of directors who could hit the Creepy tone – from John Landis to Edgar Wright, Joe Dante to Joe Lynch, and Sam Raimi to Adam Green.

Most are probably outside of the film's budget, but I am surprised Green hasn't come on board – not least because he's been working with Columbus on another project, the Amblin-infused Killer Pizza.

I'd love some big screen Creepy, and I know the right directors are out there. Here's hoping the requisite lovematches can be made.