"Cut-It-Out!" Uncle Joey's Family Is Coming To The Second Season Of Fuller House

What's next in the cards for Uncle Joey? Family! Well, there was some talk about why he was wearing a wedding ring in the first season of Fuller House, but we weren't sure if that was a mistake. Now it's pretty clear that Uncle Joey, played by Dave Coulier will get some more attention this season, and it looks like we'll be meeting his family too.


Executive producer Bob Boyett explained why they didn't include his family in the first season by saying,

"It just didn't fit anywhere in the stories we developed. We had Joey — in the stories we were using him — come in for specific reasons. We just haven't gotten to everything yet, and we don't get to everything, even in the 13 episodes."

I'm happy with this development. So much of the story has always been about Danny and Uncle Jesse. Joey had a few relationships here and there, but never anything that lasted. Although in the final season I'm pretty sure he was still dating that fellow comedian Roxy…


Could it be her? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

All episodes of Fuller House Season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.