Daniel Craig Warms Up To Further Bond Outings

Nearing the end of the long Spectre press tour, actor Daniel Craig appeared relaxed on NBC's The Today Show this morning. Smiling and seemingly rested, he weathered host Matt Lauer's angling for a free Astin-Martin DB10 and presumption that only women's hearts will go "a-flutter" at the sight of Craig of Bond (and, conversely, that only men would be interested in the car).


But Craig also clarified his infamous "slash my wrists" comments from an interview with TimeOut last month. Offering an analogy used by director Sam Mendes, Craig said being questioned about another Bond film so soon after finishing Spectre was like "you're 200 hundred yards from the end of a marathon and someone comes running up to you and says, 'Are you gonna run another marathon?'" Craig added that the only correct response is two words long and not fit for a morning show.

With the end of Spectre in sight, Craig even warmed up to the idea of another. "I've had a wonderful, wonderful time making these movies," he said. "And maybe I'll make another one." As Craig is under contract for one more film, it is likely he will return.

Spectre arrives in the US tomorrow.